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Yes because Jonas came after Camp Rock.

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The Jonas brothers were in their very first movie in 2008. Camp rock 2 is coming out 2010 in the summer.

they acted in the movie camp rock

No. That was just for the movie Camp Rock. I agree with the answer above. Nick at first wanted the band to be called Jonas Jonas Jonas, but they are called the Jonas Brothers. Which is better.! haha.

You must be thinking of "Camp Rock". A 3D Jonas Brothers movie is coming out next February.

the Jo bros is in in the 3d movie camp rock Jonas and camp rock 2

They had "Camp Rock" and "The Jonas Brothers: 3-D Concert Experience." "Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam" is coming out summer of 2010.

The Jonas Brothers band was called Connect 3 only for the movie 'Camp Rock'. The Jonas Brothers never really had the name Connect 3 - just in the movie. They did change their name from Sons of Jonas to Jonas 3 then finally to Jonas Brothers, though. == ==

MICKEY: I love the Jonas Brothers and I so would the first person to audition if it was possible but, you CAN'T audition for the Jonas Brothers! The Jonas Brothers are already a band, but you can audition for CAMP ROCK, a camp that the Jonas brothers introduced. Go to and search the contest menu. There should be one that says, win tickets to see the Jonas Brothers and attend CAMP ROCK. Anyway, hope that helps.

Yes in that summer camp movie they made with Myley Cirus.

The Jonas Brothers became a band in 2005. They became popular after they appeared in a Disney Channel movie called Camp Rock, as well as its sequel, Camp Rock 2. Camp Rock initially aired in 2008.

the new series 'J.O.N.A.S' starts next fall. and CAMP ROCK (their movie) comes out in JUNE!!!!! :] i love the Jonas brothers to death.

The actors in the movie, "Camp Rock" are the Jonas brothers, Joe, Nick and Kevin. Demi Lavato stars in the movie too.

camp rock and camp rock 2 Jonas brothers 3D concert experience They also have a TV series Jonas and Jonas LA

The Jonas Brothers are the main characters in Camp Rock.

well they did music videos and they were guest stars on Hannah Montana but i think their first ever acting experience was camp rock the movie,then Jonas and Jonas la,and last is camp rock 2. they also did a 3d movie concert but that only had a tiny bit of acting in that.

No, This Is Me and she filmed a Movie called Camp Rock with the Jonas Brothers.

noooooooooooooooo its camp rock and joe bros concert in 3d

probably when they take the Jonas brothers out of the movie...

The Jonas Brothers have been in Camp Rock and Camp Rock 2 The Final Jam.

No. Demi Lovato and Selena Gomez feature in the Disney Channel Original Movie "Princess Protection Program," The Jonas Brothers and Demi Lovato feature in "Camp Rock," and "Camp Rock 2," and Selena Gomez is featured in the Jonas Brothers music video "Burnin' Up," but no evidence shows the two collaborating in a movie.

No, nick is not starring in a movie individually, all three of the Jonas brothers will be in camp rock 2 that is set to premeire in June.

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