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Her life was stressful, scary, terrible, and threatning in the concentration camps.

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Q: Was life like for anne frank in the concentration camps?
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What is Anne Frank later life?

She didn't have one. She died in the concentration camps of the Holocaust.

What happened to Anne Frank in her later life?

Anne Frank did not have a later life. She died in a concentration camp.

What did Anne Frank experience in her life when she was 12 years old?

Anne Frank was one of the many Jewish people who was apart of Hitlers horrible concentration camps and was taken out of her everyday life all because she was Jewish

Why is Anne Frank's diary so special?

Anne Frank's diary is special because it's first hand prove existence of what happened in the concentration camps during the holocaust. _____ Anne Frank's diary provides an account of everyday life for a small group of Jews in hiding during the Holocaust. (It does not tell us anything about what happened in camps).

Was Anne Frank life bad?

Yes, Anne Frank had a very bad life. She had to live through the time period of when the Nazi population was taking the Jewish people and torturing/working them to death, or just killed them from the start, aka, the Holocaust. This was a terrifying time, and Anne and her family tried to hide from it all, but were eventually caught and sent to the concentration camps [torture camps] to await their death.

Did Anne Frank invent anything?

No, Anne Frank did not invent anything. Anne Frank was stuck in hiding for part of her life, after that she ended up dying in a concentration camp with some of her family.

Will you describe the life of Anne Frank?

Her life is described in great detail in the book, 'The Diary of Anne Frank' by Anne Frank.

Did meep gies help save Anne Franks life?

Meep did help Anne's family hide from the Nazis' although Anne Frank died in a concentration camp. The only person who survived from the Frank family was Anne's dad.

Adult life for Anne Frank?

Anne Frank had no "adult life"; she died as a youth.

What was Anne Frank's motto?

"I live in a crazy life!" - Anne Frank

Anne Frank a life of what?

Anne Frank had a life of depression and poverty, yet she always had HOPE.

When was The Short Life of Anne Frank created?

The Short Life of Anne Frank was created in 2001.

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