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No, Panama was not the first choice to build a canal across Central America. Nicaragua was actually debated about first because of a lake in that region. Having the lake there could mean less land had to be moved.

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Q: Was panama the first choice for building the canal?
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Why was Panama not the first choice for the Panama Canal?

it was to crowded

What country was the first to start building the panama canal?

probably panama

Who started building the Panama Canal?

The French first attempted, but the USA. completed the canal in 1914.

Why was Panama the first choice to build the canal?

It was the most narrow part of land.

When did the Europeans first started thinking about building a canal across Panama?

After the Suez Canal was finished in 1869, the French felt that they could now achieve the Panama Canal.

Who first thought of the Panama Canal?

in 1534 Charles 1 of Spain was the first one who thought of building the canal. :) hope it answered your question

What was the first obstacle to overcome in buliding the panama canal?

The Panama Canal

Which canal opens first the Panama or the Suez?

The Suez Canal first opened in 1869. The Panama Canal opened in 1914.

Did the US succeed in building the panama canal?

According to WIKIPEDIA, the answer is yes. This shouldn't be the first place you ask.

What was the first major canal project?

Panama canal

Was Panama the first choice for the Panama Canal?

No. A canal through Nicaragua was initially preferred by the US, but the Panama site was chosen after a French company acquired the rights to the canal from another bankrupted French company. An American representative of the French company, William Nelson Cromwell, persuaded the United States to take up the Panama route.

How did Roosevelt get the right to build the Panama Canal?

The French had the idea to build a canal across Panama first and they started the project; after about their sixth year working on the canal they ended up going bankrupt. that is when the US showed interest in buying the canal for the French, but Columbia, who at the time owned Panama, would not allow the purchase. An agreement was made with Panama to help them get their independence the US would be allowed to finish building the canal.

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