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Was the Stonehenge constructed before or after the Paleolithic Period?


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After- it is a Neolithic monument

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Stonehenge was constructed in BC which means Before Christ.

The languages spoken in the Paleolithic period are unknown because this was before the invention of writing.

As Stonehenge was constructed long before written records were kept there is no recorded evidence of any construction problems.

Stonehenge was built by people so the answer to your question is no.

It happened before the neolithic era. And after the Paleolithic era.

The first evidence of human life in Greece dates back to the Paleolithic period between 120,000 and 10,000 before christ.

People before 10,000 B.C.

Not really any language, they had words with sounds andcreated those sounds into an alphabet.Answer:Neolithic and paleolithic are words developed from the Greek language. Both words have =lithx as their base, "Lithos" means stone and refers to the Stone Age when tools were constructed of shaped stones (before metal was used). Paleo- means ancient and neo- means new. The paleolithic period ended about 8500 years ago, the neolithic followed and lasted until about the 4th century BCE when bronze came into use.. The chief difference was that paleolithic stone tools were chipped into shape, neolithic tools were ground and polished.

It's in England you dummy. You came to answers.com before typing into Google? Is this your first time on the internet? The hell's the matter with you?Where was Stonehenge found.

Paleolithic age technology was older before the advanced New stone age, before people discoevred fire in the new, Neolithic age.

Certainly sometime prior to 300 BCE. It is possible that primitive organs were constructed in Egypt or Mesopotamia well before this period and the development of the Hydraulus.

Before the stones there was an earthwork, built around 3,000 BC

Nothing really, it was there long before the Romans ever came to Britain.

Stonehenge isn't totally destroyed but some of its pillars were removed several hundred years ago to be used as building material before people realised its archaeological importance.

These are subdivisions of the human stone age. Paleo means ancient, lithic is of stone. Neo means new. Therefore the paleolithic is before the neolithic and prior to the bronze age.

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Paleolithic refers to the suffix and prefix Paleo(Ancient, Old), and Lithic(Stone). During the paleolithic era no concrete human society existed and all of humanity was nomadic. What characterizes the Paleolithic Age is the emergence of tools and nomadic tendencies among humans, before the Neolithic (Age of Civilzations), but after primitve human emergence after African Migration.

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quantray periodAnswer:A lot depends on your definition of "human" Anatomically modern humans who lok like today's people evolved from archaic Homo sapiens in Africa in the Middle Paleolithic, about 200,000 years ago. In the Upper Paleolithic 50,000 BP (Before Present), they also had the cultural aspects (language, music, art) that we do today.If you include our more primitive ancestors there were human-like creatures (hominids) several million years ago.

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The Druids didn't build Stonehenge, however they did practice their religion there. When people talk about the Druids and their strange beliefs and practices, Stonehenge always comes into the picture. Stonehenge has been acknowledged to have been built and completed 1600yrs BCE. The Stonehenge complex was built in several several construction phases spanning at least 3000 years, although there is evidence for activity both before and afterwards on the site, perhaps extending its time frame to 6500 years. Do a wiki search for more info.

The Pax Romana was the period before christ.

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