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Queen was formed in London 1970, then called Smile. The name of the band was changed to Queen as the lead singer was replaced from Tim Staffell to Freddie Mercury.

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No, queen formed in 1971.

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Q: Was the band Queen a fifties band?
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When did Bandit Queen - band - end?

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What were the band queen called before queen?

Technically speaking, they were not anything else but Queen, the band Brian May and Roger Taylor WERE in before Queen, was called Smile.

What was the name of the band queen before it became queen?

Queen was always known as "Queen". Previous to that, they had been "Smile", but that was only a band with Roger Taylor and Brian May. Many people think that that's what Queen initially was, but it wasn't. When Roger and Brian, and also Freddie Mercury, decided to form a band together, Freddie decided they should call the band Queen.

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The band Queen has not performed at an NFL Super Bowl to date

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The band Queen stopped touring with Freddie Mercury shortly before his death.

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Queen started in 1971

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Queen was founded in 1971.

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Yes, the members of Queen are from England.

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The band met in 1971 in London.

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They finished college before they started doing any concerts

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