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Yes, but in history class they tell you no because they don't want to hurt its ''grand'' Reputation.

Pope Pious X had affiliations with Hitler. Of course the Catholic Church has murdered Jewish people throughout history. why not kill them in World War 2?

investigate in depth and you will discover the perversion of the Catholic church. They do not die for their God, they die for the Church itself.

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Q: Was the catholic church involved in world war 2?
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Yes, Germany did have a draft during World War 2, but it wasn't avoided just by "going into the Catholic church". It was avoided by becoming a priest or nun in the Catholic church.

Who was the catholic archbishop during world war 2?

Adolf Bertram was archbishop of Breslau and a cardinal of the Roman Catholic Church .

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How did Catholic religion begin in Africa?

Through war and imposition from the Catholic Church.

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Roman Catholic AnswerCoventry Cathedral was taken away from the Church by Henry VIII and used for his brand new Church - the "Church" of England, subsequently it was destroyed by the Germans during the bombing of World War II. A new "Cathedral" has been built by the Anglicans, it is not a Catholic Church.

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