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Q: Was the child from Tropic Thunder really smoking the cigar?
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When was Operation Thunder Child created?

Operation Thunder Child was created in 1999.

What is worser smoking or child abuse?

child abuse, because then you hurt children, but smoking you hurt yourself

What did Genghis Khan fear as a child?


Why does a child fear of thunder?

The thunder fears children because of the noise the thunder makes. Just tell them to calm down and be ok.

Does the father smoking weed hurt an unborn child?

No, a father smoking marijuana will not hurt an unborn child. The mother should do her best to stay out of the room, but the father smoking will not hurt.

How can smoking harm an unborn child?

It can cause deformities and metal probems or the child when it is born. If the mother has been smoking an adictive drug like cannabis then the child will be born adicted to that drug.

When a child runs to his mother after hearing a clap thunder what is the child using?

His senses of being scared!

Do children smoke more than adults?

Sometimes that can be true because children and teens have not learned moderation and self control. If you know a child who is smoking take away the cigarettes and explain the difficulty of quitting and the dangers of smoking (the health risks). If the child rebels stand your ground. If you are a smoker quit so you can be an example for the child. If the child is really stubborn then have a police officer speak to the child to explain that it is illegal for him to have the cigarettes and to use them.

Does it matter if a furby is in a smoking home?

Its just a furby... NOT A CHILD

How can someone help a child afraid of thunder?

There are several ways to help children who are afraid of thunder. One of the best ways is to actually find a program or television show that will explain the exacts of what is going on to make the thunder happen. Then the child will understand and won't be afraid anymore.

What will happen if an adult smokes in the car with a child?

The child will be exposed to second hand smoke similar to the child smoking themselves

What are the factors that affect the development of the child?

Smoking, drinking, Anything that can harm you you put into your body will harm your child.

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