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Yes. In Latin, the word "Lucifer", meaning "Light-Bringer" (from lux, lucis, "light", and ferre, "to bear, bring"), is a name for the "Morning Star" (the planet Venus in its dawn appearances)

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No, in October 1985 Venus was visible in the morning before sunrise - it was therefor a 'morning star' at that time not an 'evening star'

The planet Venus is called the morning star* because it can appear as the brightest, and most visible celestial object (other than the Moon) in the morning.Related Information:* It is also called the evening star when it appears shortly after sunset.Venus is described as the Morning Star after inferior conjuction when it overtakes us in its orbit and leaves us behind. At that time it is west of the Sun in the sky and therefore rises before the Sun in the mornings.In 2015 inferior conjunction is on August 15 when Venus is at its closest to us but it cannot be seen because it is nearly in line with the Sun. It will be seen as the Morning Star in the 6-8 weeks after that, low in the south east as seen from Europe, or high in the north east as seen from Australia.

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AS Venus is known as The Morning/Evening Star, then close to dawn and dusk are good times to view it. But best time would be during the night as it is the second brightest thing in the night sky (after the moon).

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Venus is called the evening star and the morning star at different places in its orbit. Venus circles the sun in less time than the Earth so there is a time about every 19 months when it comes very close and overtakes us. When that happens it is between us and the Sun, and occasionally we can see it as a black dot cossing the Sun's disk (but not every time). In the 6-8 weeks before that happens we see it as the evening star, setting after the Sun, and in the 6-8 weeks afterwards it rises before the Sun and we see it as the morning star.

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Venus is the brightest object in the night sky other than the moon and the brightest object that appears as a starlike point. As a result it is often the first starlike object seen in the evening or the last one seen in the morning depending on where it is relative to Earth at the time.

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