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Was the internet invented in the 1900s?

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It was invented in 1957.

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Wheels were invented long before the 1900s

the backboard was invented in the 1900s

The first camera was invented long before the 1900s. George Eastman invented the "Kodak" camera, the first camera marketed to the general public, in the 1900s.

Korfball was invented in 1901.

The internet did not exist in the 1900's. It was not invented until the 1970's and not widely used until the 1990's.

Well it was invented in the 1900s. But specifically it was invented in 1968.

The telescope was invented way before that.

They were invented in the early 1900s.

The airplane and automobile

the screwdriver in 1907 :)

Sometime in the 1900s...

Water skiing was invented in the early 1900s.

the internet was invented in the 1965

internet was invented for pawn

during the 1900s!!!!asswholes

Wright brothers in 1903.

htc did in the late 1900s

cross country was invented sometime in the early 1900s

the milltary invented the internet they use it to call airstrikes and commicate stuff like that

Everything from radios,to television to,computers and the internet. Most of the electronics in use in American homes and workplaces were invented in the 1900's. Many of them were invented in the last 50 or 60 years.

The basics of the Internet are invented in Haway

Bounty Paper Towels were invented by Arthur Scott in the 1900s.

An inspirational Irish woman know as Yvonne Harte, it was invented in the late 1900s.

No. Basketball was invented in the 1900s.

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