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A map would be a primary source. It is a creation during a particular time; a relic or artifact.

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a secondary source

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Q: Was the railroad map a primary or secondary source?
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Is a map a primary source?


Is a map created by explores a primary source?

Yes. A primary source is basically something that is created by someone that has direct personal knowledge of what they're writing it about. For instance someone witnessing a fight, and writing about it is a primary source. So a map created by an explorer who is directly witnessing what he's mapping is definitely a primary source.

What are the three primary colors for a political map?

The key to your answer is in your question. All primary colors are red yellow and blue followed by your secondary colors of orange, green, and purple.

Are maps a primary source?

Yes. Primary sources are first-hand evidence supporting a topic. Therefore, a map that directly shows evidence towards what you are stating or researching would be considered a primary source. Good luck!

What part of a map indicates a particular type of feature or activity?

A map will have a key that will explain what the symbols mean such as railroad, airport, or highway.

What is Korea's primary industry?

Farming gold on the MMORPG World of Warcraft. 35% of all income is from gold farming. The secondary industry is making UMS (Use Map Settings) games for the popular game Starcraft.

What map shows a larger area than the main map?

a source

Is there a map of the underground railroad?

A map of the underground railroad is full of twists and turns. A map that was good one day might not have been good the next day if safe houses were discovered by hunters of runaway slaves. A slave trying to escape had to hide out wherever they could to survive on the journey to freedom.

What is source statement of map?

pan yuwao

First Steam Railroad that carried passengers?

Don't even try and cheat on that map packet

What does the name Novi mean?

Allegedly, it was the sixth stop on a railroad line; the map said, "No VI".

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The link below gives a map.