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Not in the U.S. If you're referring to Another Country please post a more complete question.

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Q: Was there a 2000 dollar bill made?
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What is a dollar bill worth in 2000?

At the time, it was worth one dollar.

Which president is on the US 2000 dollar bill?

There is no US $2,000 bill.

Does any country print a 2000 dollar bill?


Is the thousand dollar bill still made?

The 1,000 dollar bill was discontinued in 1964.

Can a fifty dollar bill be made from a five dollar bill?

only if you have amazing counterfeiting talent :-)

Who made a 1million dollar bill?

That is actually not a million dollar bill note, but makes million dollar bills.

What president's face is on a two thousand dollar bill?

The US has never issued a $2000 bill.

How many nickels are there in a one hundred dollar bill?

There are no nickels inside a one hundred dollar bill, nor is there any nickel material in the bill. A one hundred dollar bill has the same monetary value as 2000 nickels.

What is the highest bill money made?

million dollar bill

What does G7 stand for on the front of a twenty dollar bill?

A G7 20 dollar bill is made in Chicago.

What is the value of a fifty dollar bill that was printed in 2000 worth?


How valuable is a 2000 gold dollar?

The 2000 Sacagawea dollar is NOT made of gold, it's made from brass and likely only a dollar unless it's Proof or Mint uncirculated.