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No. Prior to 1979 only female names were used for hurricanes. No hurricanes impacted Florida in 1969, though there were a few tropical storms and tropical depressions. The first use of Michael to name a hurricane was in 2000.

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Q: Was there a hurricane Michael in 1969 in Florida?
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Did hurricane Michael hit Florida in 1969?


Was hurricane Michael in 1969?

No, Hurricane Michael was not in 1969. Hurricane Michael formed in October 2018 and made landfall in the Florida Panhandle as a Category 5 hurricane, causing significant damage.

Was There A Hurricane Michael In 1969?


Did Florida have Hurricane Michael?

No. There have been two hurricanes named Michael, neither of which impacted Florida. However, in 2016 Florida suffered significant damage from Hurricane Matthew.

How powerful was hurricane Michael in 1969?

There was no Hurricane Micheal in 1969. Only female names were used at that time. Hurricane Micheal was in 2000. That storm was a category 2 hurricane with 100 mph winds.

What category was hurricane Arthur 1969 hurricanes?

There was no Hurricane Arthur in 1969.

Was hurricane Agnes the worst hurricane?

The worst hurricane was the Florida labor day hurricane

Was Hurricane Sandy the worst Hurricane to ever hit Florida?

No. Hurricane Sandy did not have a particularly significant impact in Florida. Most of Sandy's impact was in New York and New Jersey. The worst hurricane to hit Florida was probably the Okeechobee Hurricane of 1928.

What year did hurricane Andrew hit in florida?

Hurricane Andrew hit Florida in august of 1992.

What actors and actresses appeared in Hurricane of the Pacific - 1969?

The cast of Hurricane of the Pacific - 1969 includes: Akira Takarada

Is there a hurricane headed toward Florida?

Yes. There is Hurricane Irene headed towards Florida. It will not directly affect the state.

Was hurricane Katrina the biggest hurricane in Florida?

No, Katrina's impacts in Florida were relatively minor compared to other hurricanes.