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Q: Was there a lot of slaves in North Carolina?
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What colony had no masters or slaves?

North Carolina

Did colonial North Carolina have slaves?


What region of North Carolina had the fewest slaves?


How many slaves were bought in North Carolina?


Did North Carolina want to count slaves as population?

Slaves were not counted in the population census in 1860 or 1870.

What state had the largest population of slaves in the 18th century?

north Carolina

What was life like for North Carolina colonial slaves?

The life for North Carolina colonial slaves was not pleasant in any way. They were subjected to heavy work and poor living conditions among other evils.

Were there slaves in colonial North Carolina?

yes, actually it was called the slave colony.

Which states had slaves?

There were many states that had slaves. Some of the states were Kansas, Tennessee, Alabama, North and South Carolina, and Georgia.

How is the cardinal related to North Carolina?

there wre a lot of them so they voted and it became the north carolina state bird

How many people owned slaves in the north?

not a lot

When did people start settling in South Carolina?

The reason is because North Carolina believed in freedom of the slaves while South Carolina believed in slavery. That is why they broke apart.