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Q: Was there a military draft in World War 1?
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Did Britain have a military draft for world war 1?

More than likely they did.

Who authorized a military draft during World War 1?

The Selective Service Act

Was the draft used in World War I?

Yes the draft was active in World War 1

How did America get more men in world war 1?

To increase the size of the military, congress instituted the draft.

How did congress ensure the us would have enough troops to serve in World War 1?

The military draft ensured it.

What were the exemptions for the military draft during the Vietnam War?

College students were the number 1 draft deferments.

What did the military draft classification G5 mean during World War 1?

aint nobody got time for dat!

Was there a draft in Germany in world war 1?

Yes. In many European countries compulsory military service was something of long standing.

What power did the sedition act give the federal government during world war 1?

The power to draft young men into military

The practice of requiring young people to join the military which was followed by many nations before world war 1 was called?

The practice of requiring young people join the military before world war one was known as the draft.

What wars did they use conscription draft?

World war 1 and world war 2.

How long was the cash and carry policy used for during World War 1?

the cash and carry policy had the military draft more men

What was conscription during world war 1?

The draft.

Did Canada have a draft in world war 1?


What was the name for the draft in world war 1?


Name two wars in which the draft was used?

World War 1 and World War 2.

Did Germany use a military draft in World War 1?

Yes. Germany and all the other major combattant countries in Europe, except Britain, had had compuslory military service of various kinds since about 1870. Britain introduced conscription in 1916, during World War I.

What was the draft age in World War 1?

18 Years Old

Did England draft soldiers during World War 1?


Did the US and the united kingdom have a draft prior to World War 1?

No, they did not.

Why did us start military draft for world war 1?

The US has an uncanny approach to war, getting involved is only ever to their own advantage, war is a part of their culture - the spoils of war far outweight the initial cost.

What was the primary reason that American factories were able to continue production during World War 1 despite the loss of workers to the military draft?

cause they needed stuff

Did world war 1 military draft permit men to purchase substitutes to go in their place?

No it did not. i belive 300 bucks in that time would buy you a bullet monkey.

Did Americans fight in World War 1 before World War 1 draft?

If you mean before 1917, no. we were neutral until 1917

Was Japan's military expansionists during World War 1?

World War 2