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Yes, The Artifical heart created by scientists at the Rockefeller university at New York

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Was there any inventions in 1936?


What are the inventions that Walt Disney invented?

the only invention that I know that he made was the multiplane camera in 1936.

Was there any inventions invented in 1966?


What inventions Were made from 1759-1936?

This and that

What are the release dates for Krazi-Inventions - 1936?

Krazi-Inventions - 1936 was released on: USA: 9 October 1936

Did King Tutankhamun have any inventions?

he invented the microwave.

Did the eastern woodlands have any inventions?

I believe they invented canoes.

Did haiti develop any tools or inventions?

they invented nothing

Did Karl Benz invented any other inventions other than the car?


What inventions were made in 1750 - 1900?

the typewriter was invented in 1790 by a dude called Thomas Saint, if that's any help but i cant find any thing else about inventions.

What inventions were invented between years of 1996-2008?

what inventions were invented during the years 1996-2008?

Was anything invented in 1936?

Yes, the shopping cart, for example, was invented in 1936.

Is there at least 6 inventions invented in between 1926 and 1936?

What do you consider an inventio? 1926 Liquid fuel rockets 1927 Television 1927 PEZ Candy 1928 Bread Slicer 1935 Trampoline 1936 Multiple Camera

What inventions were invented in the year 2000?

the iPod was invented in 2000

What inventions were invented after the Wright Brothers invented the airplane?


What are some inventions from Switzerland?

there is no technology inventions in Switzerland but they invented the Swiss watch

What was invented in 1936?

The Z1 Computer was invented by Konrad Zuse in 1936. Other things that were invented in 1936 include the electric blanket, the perfusion pump, and suntan lotion.

Where there any inventions in 1993?

I know that Beanie Babies were invented in'93. That's all i can think of..haha

What inventions were invented in 1852?

The Taco

What were the vikings inventions?

they invented the comb

Who invented the fire extinguisher in 1936?

The fire extinguisher was invented hundreds of years before 1936.

Inventions in the future?

There are an infinite number of inventions that could be invented in the future. These inventions may include flying cars for example.

What inventions did people use before the cell phone was invented?

inventions? light bulb

I ivvented 200 plus inventions. Who and where can I turn?

I have invented 200 plus inventions. Who and where can I turn?

Who invented the helicopter in 1936?

The first transverse twin rotor helicopter was invented in 1936.The Focke-Wulf Fw 61 was invented by Heinrich Focke and flew on 26 Jun 1936.