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Yes, for many years, but from talking to other people about it awhile back I'm not sure they sold milk in them everywhere. My memory goes back to the early 80's, and the carton was square, the same height as the current paper half gallons, just larger. The funny thing is that they were exact giant scale models of the tiny ones you get at school, which meant when you opened it, the opening was triangular, but HUGE. It was impossible for me as a child to pour a cup without spilling. In the late 80's - early 90's they abruptly ended the paper gallon, and began selling 2 half gallon paper cartons which were attached together by a glued on paper handle. Those lasted a few years, then it was plastic gallons or no gallons. I did however see paper gallons years later used to ship potato salad, cole slaw, etc to restaurants like KFC. Who knows they may still be using them.

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Q: Was there ever a one gallon paper carton milk?
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How many liters are in a milk carton?

The number of liters in a milk carton is dependent on the size of the milk carton. A half gallon milk carton would have 1.9 Liters.

How much milk is in a milk carton?

In the US, the standard sizes are a pint, quart, half gallon and gallon.

What unit of measure should you use to determine the volume of a milk carton?

The typical units of measurement used to determine the volume of a milk carton are gallon and half gallon. If the carton is smaller, pints, quarts or ounces are used.

How many teaspoons equal a milk carton?

Have you ever noticed milk comes in at least 6 different size cartons

How many jellybeans fit into a gallon milk carton?

Approx 930 of them.

What percentage of a milk carton comes from paper?

what percentage of a mike carton comes from paper A. 85% B. 40% C. 20% D. 92%

What object has more dense An empty milk carton or a full milk carton?

Milk carton full of milk

WHAT percentage of a milk carton is made from paper?

On average, a milk carton is typically made of about 80-90% paperboard material. The remaining percentage consists of other materials like plastic to ensure the carton is leak-proof and retains its shape.

Who invented the paper milk carton?

The paper milk carton was invented by John Van Wormer, a New York dairy owner, in 1932. Van Wormer's innovation revolutionized the packaging and transportation of milk, making it more convenient and cost-effective.

Are Paper Milk Cartons Recyclable?

No. Absolutely not.

How much milk is in a carton of milk?

In the US, the standard sizes are a pint, quart, half gallon and gallon.

What cannot be recycled milk cartons plastic water bottles glass containers n paper bags?

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