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Was there once a ladel that went with the Stanley Cup?


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The Stanley Cup was created to be a trophy, not a serving bowl.

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The Ducks went to and won the Stanley Cup in 2007.

The Philadelphia Flyers have won the Stanley cup two times, once in 1974 and once in 1975.

The Stanley cup finals have only went up to 7 games and never past.

The Carolina Hurricanes won the Stanley Cup once.Their only Stanley Cup in franchise history in came in 2006 by defeating the Edmonton Oilers in 7 games.

Sidney Crosby has won the Stanley cup once, in 2009. He became the youngest captain to win the Stanley Cup, just under 22 years of age.

yes there once was. they used to to distrbute champagne/beer out of the cup however it is now missing.

1941 to 1993, 53 seasons. The Rangers won Stanley Cup in both 1940 and 1994.

Once, in the '98-'99 season.Once.In the 1998-1999 season.The Dallas Stars won their only Stanley Cup in 1999.Once, in the 1998-99 season.

Value of the Stanley CupThe Stanley Cup is priceless.

The Stanley Cup was donated by Lord Stanley

They've been to the finals once, in 1998.

Yes. The Vancouver Canucks went to a game 7 in the 2011 Stanley Cup Finals against the Boston Bruins.

Stanley Cup was created in 1893.

The Buffalo Sabres have never won the Stanley Cup. They went to the Stanley Cup finals twice. The first time was in 1975 against the Philadelphia Flyers, where they lost in 6 games. The second in 1999 was another loss in 6 to the Dallas Stars.

The Washington Capitals have been to the Stanley Cup playoffs once in 1998, losing to the Detroit Red Wings in four straight games.

None: Lindros played in the Stanley Cup Finals only once, in 1997. Lindros and the Philadelphia Flyers were swept in four games by the Stanley Cup Champion Detroit Red Wings.

No, he did not win the Stanley Cup.

Once. The Washington Capitals made it to the Stanley Cup Finals in 1998, and were swept in 4 games by the Detroit Red Wings.

The founder of the Stanley Cup was Lord Stanley who was at the time was the Govener General of Canada

Canadian Governor General Stanley donated the Stanley cup the nhl

The Stanley Cup weighs 34.5 lbs.

The Chicago Blackhawks are the 2010 Stanley Cup Champions.

Ice Hockey awards the Stanley Cup.

Yes! The Vancouver Millionaires won the Stanley Cup in 1915. The Vancouver Canucks have not yet won a Stanley Cup.

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