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When the washer fluid light comes on any vehicle it means the fluid is low or empty. You can refill the washer fluid in the plastic jug located under the hood.

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Q: Washer fluid light
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2005 Pontiac grand prix windshield washer fluid light how to resat?

2005 grand prix low washer fluid light is on

How do i turn off 2006 Dodge Sprinter washer fluid level warning light?

Fill the washer fluid or repair the level sensor in the washer fluid bottle.

How do you rest low washer light on 2005 Dodge Dakota?

All you need to do is add washer fluid. If the light is still on, the sensor or wiring have failed.All you need to do is add washer fluid. If the light is still on, the sensor or wiring have failed.

Window washer light on a 99 Lexus es300?

put more window washer fluid in....

What does the low fluid warning light on a Toyota Highlander mean?

The windshield washer fluid is low or out.

Low washer fluid light 1995 Lincoln mark 8 how do you make it go off?

Low washer fluid or defective sensor in reservoir

Warning light on Lexus 350 looks like a water sprinkler or windshield wiper fluid level shooting up in 2 directions?

washer fluid low level warning light. fill up your washer fluid.

How do you make the low windshield washer light go off?

add washer fluid to the reservoir in the engine compartment

How do you reset the low washer fluid light on 2004 Alero?

You don't. Just and fluid and it will go off.

How do you reset the low windshield washer fluid light in 2003 Saturn L200?

If the sensor is functioning properly, when you add the washer fluid the light should turn off automatically; no additional action required.

How do you reset the low windshield indicator in a 2001 Corvette?

Assuming you mean the low windshield washer fluid indicator, by just filling the reservoir with windshield washer fluid, the light should turn off. If not, the low washer fluid sensor may be faulty.

What is the washer fluid capacity of a 1997 Jeep Cherokee Sport?

I have a '98, and when the "LOW WASHER" light comes on and it finally runs out of fluid, I can put almost a full gallon into the reservoir.

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