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Q: Ways we turn petroleum into energy?
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How do you turn petroleum into energy?

You don't "turn" it into energy; petroleum HAS stored energy (chemical energy).However, you can turn it into ANOTHER TYPE OF ENERGY; usually this is done by burning the petroleum, and using it to drive machinery. Since burning fuels is wasteful (the efficiency is limited, in theory, to the Carnot efficiency of a heat engine), other options are being explored, such as chemical reactions in a fuel cell. But such technology is not yet used on a large scale.

What are some different ways we turn biomass into energy we can use?

We turn it into energy by doing it.

What is petroleum energy?

Petroleum energy is energy derived from petroleum products: gasoline, diesel fuel, heating oil, etc.

Is nuclear energy petroleum energy?

No, it is completely different. Petroleum is a fossil fuel

Why solar energy has not overtaken petroleum as an alternative source of energy?

Petroleum is cheaper.

Two ways to release biomass energy?

if u burn Biomass it will turn into energy

Why is energy from petroleum referred to as stored energy?

The energy from the petroleum is only accessable when the fuel is burnt, if the petroleum itself doesn't undergo burning the energy isn't released. So the energy is called 'stored' or 'potential' energy.

What is the definition of petroleum energy?

It's the kind of energy that is obtained from burning petroleum products.

How is petroleum used as a source of energy?

the petroleum is used as fuel. it is burned, letting out a burst of energy

What the source of petroleum?

Petroleum is called a fossil fuel because it was made from the remains of plants. The energy in petroleum came from the energy in the plants and animals.

Is Petroleum a RenewableEnergy or a Nonrenable Energy?

Petroleum is considered a non-renewable energy because it is a fossil fuel.

Why does an energy efficient light bulb use less CO2?

There are different ways to produce energy, but many of them involve burning some substance - for example, petroleum - that produces CO2.