Weathering breaks up rocks into sediments while WHAT transports the sediments to new locations?


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Weathering breaks or dissolves the rock and erosion transports the resultant sediments to another location. The result is a gradual reduction in the elevation of the mountain.

The process that breaks down granite into sediments is weathering.

the process that creates oil is weathering breaks down into sediments =]

Weathering is the mechanical and chemical hammer that breaks down and sculpts the rocks. Erosion transports the fragments away.

Weathering breaks it big rocks down into sediments and then erosion takes over and move it from one place to another and then deposition takes over and that's the new location were the sediments went.

Weathering, friction from soil motion, decay from time, water infiltration, insects and animals.

Yes because weathering is the breakdown of rocks and sediments into smaller pieces. So if it breaks down small enough it turns into soil

Weathering breaks materialn down and erosion transports that broken down material. As an example, weathering breaks a mountain down into smaller rocks, and those smaller rocks can be transported by streams (erosion), but the streams cannot simply move the whole mountain.

Igneous Rock turns into a Sedimentary Rock using Weathering and Erosion. Weathering breaks down the rock into small sediments. Erosion takes the rock and send the sediments into another location, where they are deposited and then consolidated to form a sedimentary rock.

it doesn't do that bad because it also carries the sediments that weathering breaks down so it also builds the Earth up

The differences are that mechanical weathering breaks rocks into little pieces.. Chemical weathering not only breaks the rock but dissolves it.

no, that is weathering. Erosion is the process of moving objects from the crust like rocks to different locations.

The differences are that mechanical weathering breaks rocks into little pieces.. Chemical weathering not only breaks the rock but dissolves it.

The breaking down of rocks into sediments is called weathering. This is one of the critical stages of soil formation as it breaks a rock into small particles.

The type of chemical weathering that breaks down rocks is acid.

yes. it breaks them. it breaks the sediment

Weathering breaks rock into smaller particles of rock.

The first step in soil formation is weathering of bedrock or parent rock.The parent rock weathers and breaks down to smaller pieces of rock and sediments.

No. Mechanical weathering breaks rocks apart.

Weathering is when a rock breaks down through contact with the Earths atmosphere

Weathering breaks down the rocks.Erosion moves the rocks around.

As mechanical weathering breaks rocks into smaller pieces there is more surface area for water to contact for chemical weathering...

Ocean water breaks rocks into sediments

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