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About two tons.

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Q: Weight of 1989 ford Crown Victoria?
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Will a motor from a 1989 ford Crown Victoria fit in a 1990 ford Crown Victoria?


What is the fuel tank capacity on a 1989 Ford Crown Victoria?

( 20.0 U.S. gallons ) according to my Chilton's book for a 1989 Ford Crown Victoria

What weight oil to use in 1992 ford crown Victoria?

For a 1992 Ford Crown Victoria : ( it came from the factory with 5W-30 )

Can you use an alternator from a 1989 Ford Bronco on a 1985 Ford Crown Victoria LTD?


How many lugs on 89 Crown Victoria?

On a 1989 Ford Crown Victoria : ( there are 5 lugs per wheel , total of 20 )

When was Ford Crown Victoria created?

Ford Crown Victoria was created in 1955.

What weight oil do you suggest for a 1997 Ford crown Victoria 8 cylinder?

The 1997 Ford Crown Victoria owners manual shows ( 5 w 30 )

What size gas tank for a 1989 crown Victoria ltd?

According to my Chilton's Auto Repair Manual : A 1989 Ford Crown Victoria has a ( 20.0 U.S. gallon gas tank )

Where is the starter located on a 1989 Ford Crown Victoria?

on the transmission where the engine and transmission join.

What is the engine oil weight for a 1993 crown Victoria?

5/w20 ========================================================= For a ( 1993 ) Ford Crown Victoria ( 5W-30 is the PREFERRED oil ) 2001 and newer Ford Crown Victoria Owner Guides show to use 5W-20

Do you have a diagram of a fuse box for a 1989 crown Victoria? any car audio web page will have diagrams

How much fuel pressure does a 1989 Ford Crown Victoria with a 5.0 have?

My Chilton's Auto Repair Manual shows : For a 1989 Ford Crown Victoria 5.0 L ( 302 ) V8 : ( 39 PSI ) * the 8th " character of the VIN is an " F "

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