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A couple things first, fix your spelling you sound stupid, second don't worry about the Earth warming up. Global warming doesn't exist it is an excuse Al Gore used so that pathetic loser can be famous for something. Think how we get heat, the sun, the sun is a giant fusion reaction (if you don't know what a fusion reaction is look it up) that is constant with minor fluctuation in energy. So if the sun has more reactions more heat is produced and the earth gets hotter. The evidence is in the other planets, they have also warmed up with the extra reactions. The government is also using Global Warming as an excuse to try to raise the price of gas and making everything else expensive.

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Q: Well global warmin is one of d worsest thing happenin to lyf now how to get rid of it hw can you prevent it let you know about some of the aspects n in wat way does the chemical reactions tak place?
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