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Lewis and Clark were good leaders on their expedition. Lewis was considered to be the leader of the expedition and was a very insightful leader.

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Q: Were Lewis and Clark good leaders on the expedition?
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What did Lewis and Clark sleep in on their expedition?

Lewis and Clark had to sleep on there expedition because that was the only place they could sleep it is not like they can go to a home and sleep there thanks for reading and good luck to you

How was the food supply during Lewis and Clark's expedition?

privy good throughout the investigation

What was important of the Corps of Discovery of the Lewis and Clark expedition?

Its imporatant because if we did not have Lewis and Clark we would probably not be here right now . They made the land ok for us to live in it . its good that we have it .

Why did Lewis and clark think that sacagaweas baby was beneficial to the expedition?

They thought it would be a good idea to bring the baby along because they thought it would show that the expedition's intentions were peaceful.

What is a good name for a Lewis and Clark board game?

Lewis and Clark exploring Louisiana lewis and clarks fun house

What is revolution in the Lewis and clark?

good at everything?

What is a good book about Lewis and Clark?


What was Sacagawea's importance to the Lewis and Clark Expedition?

Sacajawea was important because she was a Shoshone which live in the Rockies which is where Lewis and Clark needed to travel so she new how to navigate the expedition. She also helped with trading horses because the Shoshone had good horses and she could speak 4 languages. Sacajawea was also very resourceful, which helped when the expedition had to abandon some of they're belongings when they had to continue on foot.

Who was a good friend of the leader of the Louis and Clark expedition?


Was Sacagawea and Lewis and Clark always good friends?


What did Thomas Jefferson instruct Lewis and Clark to do?

He instructed Lewis to explore the Louisiana Purchase and find out if it is a good place and Lewis knew Clark from the military so he invited him as well.

Why did Lewis and Clark separate?

lewis and clark seperated because they weren't a good team working together sailing in a ship they just coulden't handle it so someone gave lewis the idea of breaking his friendship with clark

What are 20 good questions to put on a Lewis and Clark board game?

1. Who is Lewis? 2. Who is Clark? 3. Who are Lewis and Clark? 4. Is Lewis his first or last name? 5. Is Clark his first or last name? 6. Is Lewis a girl? 7. Is Clark a girl? 8. What is Clark's middle name? 9. What is Lewis's middle name? 10. Is this a board game? 11. Do you know the answer to number one? 12. Do you know the answer to number two? 13. Is Clark still alive? 14. Is Lewis still alive? 15. Is this number fifteen? 16. What did Clark do for a living? 17. What did Lewis do for a living? 18. Did Clark know Lewis? 19. Did Lewis know Clark? 20. Do you know more about Lewis and Clark now that you answered all these questions?

How did Lewis and Clark overcome their obstacles?

Good old American perseverance!

Did Lewis and Clark kidnap sacagawea?

no. they needed a person good with direction.

Describe the relationship between Lewis and Clark and the Native Americans?

Meiwether Lewis and William Clark were friends. the were both in the military Lewis was a captain, Clark was a lieutenant. thanks to Sacagawea, a Shoshone native, Lewis's' and Clark's relationship with the natives was good. The natives some times saved there lives and supplied them with food throughout the journey

Who was Lewis from the Lewis and clark expedtion?

Meriwether Lewis was best known as the leader of the expedition. He was born on August 18, 1774 in Albemarle County, Virginia. He was the second child and first son of William and Lucy Meriwether Lewis. His mother was widely knowledgeable in herbal medicine and remedies. Meriwether heavily drew information from her mother's teachings during the expedition to the West. Lewis learned much of his backwoods skills when his family moved to Georgia. He would later receive a formal education when he returned to Virginia around the age of 13. In 1795, Lewis joined the Army as an ensign and was stationed under General Wayne in Ohio country. Due to his bad drinking and misconducted behavior, he was transfered to a company of sharpshooters lead by William Clark. The two soon became good friends and gained each other's respect. Lewis rose to lieutenant in 1799 and gained a fairly good reputation. Thomas Jefferson, the former president at the time, appointed Lewis as his private secretary. Jefferson had a dream of exploring the west. He was the actual force that drove the Lewis and Clark Expedition. Meriwether Lewis was then appointed to lead the expedition and of course he accepted. He studied science extensively before embarking on the journey. Lewis was 29 years old when he was chosen to lead the expedition. He knew how to lead men but he wasn't the best leader due to his drinking habits and behavior so he was accompanied by William Clark. Lewis and Clark became one of the most renowned partnerships in American history.

Were lewis and clark good friends as children?

No, they didn't meet until adults

Where was the starting place in the Lewis and Clark Expedition?

The staring place was Pittsburgh, PA.......................I think this is right I'm only in the 8th grade and this is what we are learning well for anyone who reads this.. GOOD LUCK and HAVE A NICE DAY OR NIGHT

What is a good sentence for exploration?

The exploration of Lewis and Clark resulted in the founding of American, eventually.

What mountain ranges did the Louis and Clark Expedition cross?

They crossed the Rocky Mountain Range...good luck!

What are two ways that Sacagawea helped Lewis and Clark?

she teasilated Indian for them and brought a good cook with her

How much is 2 2004 Lewis and Clark nickel in good condition worth?

5 cents each.

What are some good leaders in New Zealand?

John Key, Possibly Helen Clark, and Graham Henry

Clark's slaves name is?

York. Clark did not give him freedom after his good service on the expedition until six years later. York died of Cholera in TN as driver of cartage.