Were Samoans slaves to Tongan

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Q: Were Samoans slaves to Tongan
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What do Tongan people do to entertain themselves?

as samoans,new zelands,

Who is bigger a Samoan or a tongan?

Tongans are buffer but Samoans are fatter.

What is bigger a Samoan or a Tongan?

we have some 7 foot and 8 foot samoans, tongans have too, we are brothers and sisters of the same mana

How did Tonga rule Samoa?

....Well I heard they were at south of Savaii, wipe out all of the people and village warrior in that when the Tongan king was celebrating hes birthday, the Samoans had enough, the Malietoa organize an attack, so they attack the king at hes birthday celebration at village of Solo Solo, the Tongan try to escape on their war ship, but Samoa wipe out almost all of their warrior so the tongan king didnt want to die so he say this to the samoans, malietoa especially "Malie toa Malie tau, I will return to Samoa not as a warrior but as a visitor" the Tongan were lucky, if my people were greedy, we would have kill the Tongan king then take control of their land in Tonga....

Why are Samoans big?

Not all Samoans r big.... but man I'm Tongan and i be eatin puaka(pig) all day! And I eat topai (the dough cocunut ball soup i spelled it wrong!) and cece(a tongan cake out of like dough I think) also Lou(taro leaves, cocunut milk and corned beef wrapped in foil and cooked in an umu or an underground oven!) And im not small! Lol

What do Tongan people look like?

Tongan people look like Tongans They are similar to Samoans. Most Tongans may vary in looks, but most Tongans you would come across would definitely have a full head of thick hair. They are also big, but yet very friendly.

What are Samoans living natives?

I don't understand the question. But, Samoans are Samoans.

Who owns the Samoans island?


Are Samoans from Hawaii?

samoans are from Samoa

Who stopped the tongans from ruling the Samoans?

The Samoans

Are samoans Asian?

No Samoans are Pacific Islanders.

How do samoans talk?

Samoans speak Samoan

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