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They were more similar to nomadic communities because they had a need of continious movement to different continents. They weren't settled.

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Q: Were Vikings more similar to nomadic communities or farming communities?
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What is an area of the world where people develop similar ways of life?

An example of an area where people develop similar ways of life is the Arctic region, where indigenous communities share traditions, survival techniques, and cultural practices that are adapted to the extreme cold climate. These communities often rely on hunting, fishing, and nomadic lifestyles to sustain themselves in the harsh environment.

Were the Vikings Dutch?

No, the Vikings came from what is now Norway and Denmark. The Vikings also came from Sweden. The Frisians were Dutch, similar but not the same to the Vikings.

What was the vikings language similar to?

German (A+)

Why do similar communities occur in similar habitats?


The vikings spoke a language similar to?

The kashykians

How were the vikings similar to the stone age people?

They were aggressive.

If two areas on separate continents have similar climates do they have similar communities?

Not necessarily. While similar climates can create similar environmental conditions, there are many other factors that can influence the composition and structure of communities, such as the history of the area, species interactions, and local adaptations. Overall, communities can differ substantially even in areas with similar climates.

How were the coahuiltecan similar to karankawa?

They were both nomadic tribes that populated the Gulf Coastal regions of Texas.

How were Egyptians and Nubian communities similar?

they were similar because they both traded

Which language was not used by vikings Swiss Swedish Danish or Norwegian?

"Swiss" is not a language.

How do vikings greet each other?

Icelandic would be the language most similar to the language of the vikings. Swedish slang for hello include: Tja and Tjena.

How do assess if your community is healthy?

You compare it to other similar communities