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Were basketball quarters ever 15 minutes?

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they never had 15 minute quaters

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How many minutes in between high school basketball quarters?

15 minutes

How long are quarters in college basketball?

There are two halves, each half is 15 minutes long

What is a basketball quarter?

15 minutes separated by quarters. During a game there is 4 quarters each 15 minutes. If at the end of the game the score is tied, there is an extra quarter called Over Time or OT.

What does a quarter mean in sports?

A quarter in sports is what divides the game up into three or four parts. For example, in American football there are four quarters (15 minutes each) and in the National Basketball Association there are four quarters (12 minutes each).

Is 75 three quarters of an hour?

No, 1 quarter of a hour is 15 minutes, so 3 quarters of a hour is 45 minutes. In quarters, an your goes 15, 30, 45, 60.

How long is the average NBA basketball game?

48 minutes. 12 minute quarters. if the score is the same at the end, then there are overtime periods. each one is 5 minutes. half time is 15 minutes.

How long are quarters football?

15 Minutes

What are the basketball legislation in sport participation?

the duration of the game: four 12 minute quarters, with a break of 15 minutes totalling a duration of 63 minuets.

How long are middle school football quarters?

my middle school quarters were 15 minutes long and we had 5 quarters.

How many quarters are there in an hour?

Four of them of 15 minutes

Why is 3 quarters of an hour 45 minutes?

One hour is 60 minutes. A quarter of an hour is 60 minutes/4 = 60/4 minutes = 15 minutes. Three quarters of an hour = 3*a quarter of an hour = 3*15 minutes = 45 minutes.

How many minutes are in one fourth of an hour?

15 minutes.There are 60 minutes in an hour, and 60 divided by four (the quarters) equals 15.15 minutes.

How many minutes in 3 and 3 quarters?

Assuming question means hoursas does not say what 3 and 3 quarters is1 hour = 60 minutes1/4 hour = 15 minutes60 + 60 + 60 + 15 + 15 + 15 = 225 minutes

How long is the quarters in CFL?

Number 1 - How long *are* the quarters? Number 2 - 15 minutes

How many minutes does NFL play?

15 minutes a quarter; 60 a game(15 x 4 quarters)

How many minutes in college football game?

Four quarters of 15 minutes each.

How many minutes were there in an NBA game in 1962?

There were 60 minutes quarters of 15 min

How many minutes are the quarters in football?

15 minutes for each quarter. 60 minutes for the whole game.

How many minutes does each of the quarters last in football?


How many quarters in a football game?

There are 4 quarters in a football game. They are each 15 minutes long.

How many minutes are three quarters of an hour?

A fourth of an hour is 60/4=15 minutes, so three quarters of an hour would be 15x3= 45 minutes.

How long is the break between quarters in basketball?

2 minutes between quarter 1-2 15 between 2-3 2 between 3-4 in the nba

How long are football quarters?

In the NFL and College, 15 minutes. In high school, 12 minutes.

How many minutes in the half time of an NBA basketball game?

15 minutes.

How many minutes in 3 quarter s in an hour?

3 quarters of an hour is 45 minutes, 15 minutes would be one quarter and 30 mins would be two quarters.

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