Pokemon Ruby Sapphire and Emerald

Were can you find a pokemon nature guide?

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this is simple chart showing the effects of each nature -

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Where can you find a nature guide for Pokemon Diamond?

Just search "pokemon nature guide"...

How do you find out if your Pokemon has which nature in Pokemon platinum?

Nature will be displayed in the Pokemon Stats, you cannot find out before you catch it.

Is there a guide to Pokemon Blue?

Yeah there is a guide to Pokemon blue but you need to find it on the internet!

Which trainer in Pokemon Diamond has a Shroomish?

A Pokemon guide that you can find in the forest.

Where can you find naive natured Pokemon in Pokemon Diamond?

A pokemon's nature is random. You have to keep catching pokemon to get the desired nature.

HOW do you show a guy a Pokemon with serious nature?

Find a Pokemon that has serious nature, then walk up to this "guy" and if it asks you if you want to show him a Pokemon with a serious nature then click yes and choose the Pokemon you caught.

How do you find team charm at the guide in Pokemon explorers of sky?

go to the bottom floor of the guide

What is one type of Pokemon with serious nature in Pokemon pearl?

Any Pokemon can have a serious nature - you just have to catch one with a serious nature. You may have to catch a few before you find one. There is a 1 in 25 chance of a pokemon having a Serious nature as there are 24 other natures.

Where can you find spear pillar in mountain coronet for Pokemon pearl version?

get the Pokemon platinum guide book

Where can one find a Pokemon evolution guide?

The Pokemon evolution site has a complete picture guide of how each Pokemon starts out and what it evolves into. For example it shows that a Charmander evolves into Charmeleon and then finally evolves into Charizard.

How do you start as Squirtle in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon blue?

You have to have either a Jolly nature (male) or Relaxed nature (female) Here's the guide to the questions:

Where can you find a serious natured Pokémon in Pokémon diamond?

Pokemon don't have a nature from wat Pokemon it is. Do wat I do and keep catching easy 2 catch Pokemon till u find 1 wit a serious nature. There isn't a specific place with serious natured Pokemon

What is the best Pokemon nature in Pokemon Diamond?

The best nature is the Beneficial Nature. It's really hard to get. None of my Pokemon have the Beneficial Nature.

Where can you find a price guide for Pokemon cards?

Becket Pokemon (it's a magezine you can order) I did and it helped me when I was selling my cards on eBay

Names of all the Pokemon and were they are located guide for Pokemon emerald like the name and were to find it?

Try this:

Where to find the Pokemon Terrakion in white?

Terrakion is located at victory road from the Pokemon league entrance For a walkthrough guide visit

Where can you find octilery on Pokemon Platinum?

The Pokemon Platinum guide book says you get it at Pastoria City with a super rod hope i helped

What Pokemon have a naive nature?

any Pokemon can have any nature it depends on what nature they hatch with it is random

How do you train the ultimate Pokemon?

I mean a complete guide as in Palkia nature : mild Ev : sp att 250 def :250 moves...

Where do you find pokemon with 'Serious' nature?

If you are lucky and have good patience. Im pretty sure any pokemon can have it

What Pokemon have serious nature?

any Pokemon can have serious nature, just catch more Pokemon

Where to find braille decoder sheet in Pokemon Ruby?

A guide. Or just look it up. On youtube.

How do you get the guide to reading braille in Pokemon emerald?

Just google or look on wikianswers or youtube to find your answer.

Where do you find a sooth bell in Pokemon light platinum?

you get it from cheryl when you guide her through eterna forest:').

Is there any way in Pokemon diamond that you can make your pokemons nature serious?

no you cannot make your Pokemon nature serious. You cannot change your Pokemon's nature. You simple have to find and catch a serious nature d Pokemon. sorry! WRONG! you can do that by using action replay game shark or any other cheating system for ds

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