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It is not a common model and can not be found for cheap.

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toy shops

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Q: Were can you get a airsoft ump45 for under 50 dollars?
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Is there a better airsoft ak-47 than the cyma lpeg for under 50 dollars?

Yes, there are a lot better ones.

What is the best electric airsoft gun there is that is under 50 dollars?

Dude, just so you know it will probably break in less than a month but airsoft megastore sells a m5 for 36 bucks

What is the best thing to buy with 50 dollars?

a cheap airsoft pistol. its a lot of fun

What is a good CO2 airsoft pistol 300 to 375 fps blowback don't care either way semi auto don't want to have to re-cock it and under 50?

No "good" pistol like that exists under 50 dollars.

What is a good airsoft gun for 50?

You will find many decent airsoft pistols for ~$50 but nothing more. Don't buy an AEG under $140 or so.

What is the best automatic Airsoft Electric Gun for under fifty dollars?

There is no such thing as a good AEG for under $50. if you want even close to reliability youd have to be ready to spend between $150-200

Is there a bb gun revolver under 50 bucks not airsoft?

None that I know of.

How much should you charge for costume painting airsoft guns?

I would charge 15 dollars for a low quality but for high quality I would pay from 25 dollars to 50 dollars

Were to buy a tompson airsoft gun for less than 50 dollars?

Ebay is probably the only site, you might get lucky and find one in a boneyard on an airsoft website (Airsoft G.I., Evike, Etc.). There is no guarantee any of these will work for sure

What is the best airsoft pistol for under 50?

go to evike .com and look at the tsd m9

How much is a good airsoft motor?

Motors have quite varying prices, and you get what you pay for. If you buy a 30 dollar motor, it will be good, but not amazing. For 50 dollars you can get a very good motor, and then if you dish out the 100 dollars for a systema motor, you can have pretty much the best motor in airsoft.

How much would an m16 cost?

it would cost about 850 dollars and if you want an airsoft one that looks exactly like a real one it would cost about 50 dollars.