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Yes, Canadians were drafted into the Military during World War 2, most of these people were Blacks and other kinds of Mix-raced people.

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Q: Were canadians drafted in World War 2?
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How old do you have to be to be drafted during World War 2?

You had to be between the ages of 18 and 35 to be drafted in World War 2.

Canadians in World War 2?

Canadians were helpful during world war 2 like D-Day, they operated like typical British units though

Canadian battles in World War 2?

yes the canadians fought with the allies in world war 2

How many Canadians volunteered in World War 2?


Did more canadians die in world war 1 or world war 2?

no man

Did more Americans get drafted or volunteer during World War 2?


How many Canadians died in World War 2?

Approximately 44,198 Canadians were killed in WWII.

How were German Canadians treated during world war 2?

German Canadians were treated very badly.

How many Canadians fought in world war 2?


How old did you have to be to get drafted in World War 2?


Who could not be drafted into World War 2?


Were women drafted during world war 2?


Did being in college keep you from being drafted into World War 2?

Yes, being in college did keep one from being drafted into World War II.

How many Canadians died in World War 1 and 2?

In World War 1, about 58,000 to 67,000 people were killed. In World War 2, about 45,400 people were killed.

What did the Japanese canadians who were in internment camps during World War 2.. after World War 2?

they went on with their lives because it would be a war crime to kill them

How many canadians served in World War 2 and lost thiere lives?

1,267,000 Canadians served in World War 2 and 37,000 died in that war. (Approx 43,000 died according to both Canadian Encyclopedia and Canadian Veterans Affairs)

What was it like for Canadians after world war 2?

Cold, same as before.

What was the cut off age for Canadians for World War 2?


What beach did the canadians take in World War 2?

Juno beach

How many canadians were injured in World War 2?

OVER 9000!

What was reaction of Canadians to the beginning of the World War 2?

they thought, what the heck

Was there a specific date that soldiers were drafted in World War 2?


If you were a carpenter did you have to fight in World War 2?

Yes if drafted

Were soldiers drafted during World War 2?


Men drafted in world war 2?

10 million