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1931 and it was published in 1933

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The story "Thank You, Ma'am" by Langston Hughes takes place in a city neighborhood at night. The main action occurs when Mrs. Jones takes in Roger after he tries to steal her purse, and the two characters interact in her home.

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Q: Were did the story thank you ma'am by Langston Hughes take place?
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The boys name in the story thank you ma'am?

The boy's name in the story "Thank You, Ma'am" by Langston Hughes is Roger.

What short story by Langston Hughes features an old woman at a bus stop?

"Thank You, Ma'am"

Who wrote the book Thank You M'am?

Langston Hughes.

Who wrote the book thank you Ma'am?

Langston Hughes

Was thank you ma'am written in 1950 or 1954?

"Thank You, Ma'am" by Langston Hughes was written in 1950.

What is a good hook for thank you ma'm?

"In Langston Hughes's story 'Thank You, Ma'am,' a chance encounter between a boy and a woman leads to a powerful lesson in grace and compassion."

What is the lesson learned in thank you ma'am?

The lesson learned in "Thank You, Ma'am" by Langston Hughes is about the power of kindness and compassion. Through the interaction between Mrs. Luella Bates Washington Jones and Roger, the story demonstrates that a simple act of generosity can have a profound impact on someone's life. It teaches us the importance of forgiveness and second chances.

What is the main idea of the short story Thank You M'am by Langston Hughes?

the main idea is transformation.people can be transformed by love and trust other than punishment

Thank you ma'm - Langston Hughes?

"You're welcome, and also thank you for your support."

What happened in the beginning of the story Thank You M'am?

A young boy runs up to a woman and tries to steal her purse, he stumbles and is not able to run off. You can read the full Langston Hughes story on the link below.

What is the setting in thank you ma'am?

The setting in "Thank You, Ma'am" by Langston Hughes is an urban neighborhood late at night. The story takes place on a dark sidewalk where a young boy attempts to steal a woman's purse but is caught by the woman, Mrs. Luella Bates Washington Jones.

What is an alternate ending for thank you ma'm by Langston hughes?

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