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In tropical oceans

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What continent do stingrays live on?

Stingrays live in the ocean, not on any continent.

Where do most stingrays live?

most stingrays live in the shallow waters of the temperate seas

Can stingrays live in fresh water?

Stingrays cannot live in fresh water they can only live in Salt water

Do stingrays live in groups?

some stingrays "like" to live in groups, there social animals when young.

Which oceans do deep water stingrays live?

Stingrays live in the coastal area in the Pacific Ocean.

What is the method of reproduction for stingrays?

Stingrays give birth to live young

What country do stingrays live?

They live in the ocean.

Where do eagle stingrays live?

They live in the desert

Where do stingrays live at?

The ocean.

Where does stingrays live?

the sea

How long till stingrays eggs hatch?

Actually, stingrays are born live.

Where in the Ocean do sting rays live?

Stingrays live on the floor of the ocean. They are found in shallow waters. Stingrays live throughout the entire world.

What habitat would stingrays be found in?

The fresh water oceans is where stingrays live and breed.

Are stingrays freshwater creatures?

some stingrays live in fresh water,for example the gaint fresh water stingray lives in fresh water.however many other stingrays live in saltwater

Do stingrays live in groups or alone?

live alone

Do stingrays live in oceans?


Do stingrays live alone?


How do the stingrays live?

In the water. With style.

Do stingrays have live births?

Stingrays are related to sharks and have cartilage throughout their bodies. When a stingray gives birth, they birth live young.

Do stingrays live only in saltwater?

No, stingrays can also live in in river (examples:death rays,and sometimes eagle rays).By: Nicholas Wolesky.

Are stingrays oviparous or ovoviviparous?

Stingrays are ovoviviparous, bearing live young in "litters" of 5 to 13.

Do stingrays live in heavy kelp forests?

Yes stingrays live at the bottom of heavy kelp forests (or just plain kelp forests).

What zone do stingrays live in?

intertital intertital

Do stingrays live in deep or shallow?


Do stingrays live in shallow water?

no they dont

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