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Were does ronaldo live?

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As he plays for Real Madrid he stays at Madrid.

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Where does christiano ronaldo live now?

where does ronaldo live

When was Cristiano Ronaldo born?

Cristiano Ronaldo was born on February 5, 1985.

Were does Cristiano Ronaldo live?

Christiano Ronaldo now lives in Madrid , as he plays for Real madrid.

Where does Cristiano Ronaldo live?

Madrid , Spain

Were does cristano ronaldo live?

Christiano Ronaldo is originally from Portugal but now plays his club football in Spain with Real Madrid, so he must live in Madrid.

Which famous people live in Portugal?

Cristiano Ronaldo

Where did Cristiano Ronaldo live in his younger life?


Where in Portugal dose Cristiano Ronaldo live?

Answer: Funchal

Where does Ronaldo live?

Ronaldo lives in Glasgow in g51 4ef his address is 23 silverbirch drive. its near elder park

Who was the first person to live in Chile?

the first person to live in Chile was Ronaldo Pickett

Which famous people live on Portugal's Madeira Island?


What address does Cristiano Ronaldo live at?

cristiano ronaldo lives in madrid, but he cannot reaveal his home address due to fan restrictions

What famous people live in Brazil?


Where did Cristiano Ronaldo live when he was little?

Cristiano Ronaldo was born on the 5th February in 1985 in Funchal, Madeira, Portugal. He lived there untill he had to go to an academy at Sporting. :)

Where did ronaldo live?

his new house is in alderley edge near rio Ferdinand

Is ronaldo Brazilian?

Ronaldo Luis Nazario de Lima a.k.a fat Ronaldo is Brazillian. Cristiano Ronaldo is Portugese.

Does Cristiano Ronaldo live in brazil?

No he is from Portugal, but plays his club football in Spain with Real Madrid.

Who is more famous Cristiano Ronaldo or Daffy Duck?

ronaldo pick ronaldo

Was ronaldo bald?

No Ronaldo is not bald.

Who is faster ribery or ronaldo?


Who is hotter ronaldo or kaka?


Kaka is better or ronaldo?


Who is better ronaldo or ranildhnio?


How fit is Ronaldo?

It depends on which Ronaldo you're referring to. The answer may be yes or no, depending on who Ronaldo is.

Who is faster messi or ronaldo?

Ronaldo is way faster then messi he as allways been!!!