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At times they were friends and helped each other at other times they were enemies like when koga atacked Iga castle. But koga ended when there soke died and didn't title the next soke.

At least thats what I remmembered from some website that i cant find anymore about to ninjutsu masters talking about koga and iga clans

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Q: Were iga and koga clans enemies?
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Where a ninja lived?

they orriginated in the province of iga and koga. in the day they lived hidden in the mountains with their clans. or in a farmhouse

What group of assassins in feudal Japan?

from what i know most were ninjas, and the two groups would be Iga and Koga clans

What is the difference between Iga and Koga ninja?

Iga appeared in Japan first. They developed many moves not known by other shinobi and suposedly lived in a village called Tsubagakure. All of the Koga ninjutsu styles(as well as those of Fuma) are parodies of the Iga style. Therefore, Iga is the original ninja clan.

Were does ninjas live?

Ninjas came mainly from Iga and Koga in central Japan, on the island of Honshu

What are the clans worst enemiesin the warrior cat books?

The Clan's have had many enemies, such as BloodClan and The Dark Forest.

What were ninja clans?

A Ninja Clan is a group of people who highly trained in the art of Ninjutsu(Art of Stealth). A Clan means a group of people following the same rules and belief similar to gang but a clan is a family. The 2 most famous ninja clans during Sengoku Era Medieval Japan were the Iga and Koga clan. During those times when each state was ruled by a Daimyo(warlord) and were in war with each other to unify the entier Japan. A Daimyo would hire Ninja from a sertain Clan as Spies to gather info on the enemy or assassinate enemy Daimyo or other millitary officials.

How old is koga?

Koga is at least 17

Koga in Japanese?

古賀 Pronunciation: Koga

When was Hide Koga born?

Hide Koga was born in 1939.

When did Koga Domain end?

Koga Domain ended in 1871.

When was Koga Domain created?

Koga Domain was created in 1590.

When was Mitsuki Koga born?

Mitsuki Koga was born in 1975.