Were robot toys around 100 years ago?

If you limit yourself to robots as seen in modern science fiction shows - no.
However if you include intricate mechanical devices which could write notes with a quill pen, play.
musical instruments and such then the history goes back to the early Greeks and Chinese. The Smithsonian Institute has a"robot" monk that was build before 1600. It was powered by a clockwork mechanism and is more than 300 mm (more than 1 foot) tall.
These toys were such a fixture of popular culture that more than 100 years ago (In 1900) L. Frank Baum published "The Wonderful Wizard of Oz" a book featuring a "Tin man" who was a robot lumberjack.
No offense or anything, But where are you getting this from?
Hell, not even Wires were discovered yet, and no engineers (Well, except for Warfare Kinds)
Toys back then were Wood, Metal, and some other materials.