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Famous Chinese Explorer

there were no chinese explorers zxcvvv

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Q: Were there any Chinese explorers
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Are there any explorers that start with the letter x?

Xuanzang was a Chinese explorer who explored the Indian subcontinent and cental Asia.

What did the Chinese invent to safely guide their fishermen and explorers?

The Chinese invented the Compass.

What happened when European explorers first arrived in China?

The first European explorers to arrive in China were greeted by the native Chinese. The explorers exchanged gifts and ideas. The European explorers took tea back to Europe.

Who explored the Cape of Good Hope first?

1420, Chinese explorers

What was the country that first began the age of exploration?

Portugal. But the first explorers were the Chinese.

What 5 regions did Chinese explorers sail to during the Ming Dynasty?


Sioux coming in contact with European explorers?

no the have not had any inter action with early explorers

Could the Chinese explorers make it to America before Columbus?

No Columbus discovered America first.

Can you fight arceus in explorers of sky?

no it cant and its not on any of the explorers and it is NOT on destiny tower floor 100

What ocean would Chinese explorers use to reach America?

The Pacific would be the only direct route.

When European explorers first arrived in china what happened?

The first European explorers to arrive in China were the Portuguese. They were loud and disorderly and frightened the people. The Chinese court ordered them to be driven away.

Who were the explorers from north or south pole?

I'm not so sure there R any explorers in the south pole.

Were there any women explorers from the 1400s?


Did any explorers have any hardships?

Umm, yes, I think explorers had hardships like climbing mountains, foreign diseases and rations. Come on, use your brain!!!

When was gunpowder developed?

Gunpowder was developed by the Chinese for fireworks. It was the European explorers who used it as a part of weapons.When and why was gunpowder developed?

Did the Chinese discover Australia?

No, the Aborigines were the first people in Australia, and they were originally from the Indian subcontinent. The first known Asians to have contact with the Australian continent (long before any European explorers) were the Macassans, from modern-day Indonesia. It has been speculated that the Chinese may have been in contact with the Aborigines before the continent was settled by Europeans, but there is little, if any, evidence to support this.

Do any famous explorers come from Idaho?


Are any famous explorers related to Pizarro?


Have explorers destroyed antarctica in any way?

no of course not

What were the spanish explorers shelters?

they didnt have any shelter

Can you name any Muslim explorers?

Ibn Battutah

Did any explorers come between Captain Cook and The First Fleet?

No. Australia's east coast was not visited by any other European explorers between 1770 and 1788.

Do ar codes for explorers of darkness work for explorers of sky?

No. You'll have to find some more codes specifically for explorers of sky. (Sorry I don't know any. I only have Time and Darkness.)

Are there any famous explorers whose names start with the letter i?

No there are not

What is the name of some French explorers?

Here are some french-canadian explorers... Samuel De Champlain I dont know any more