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Were there baptisms at or before the time of Jesus?

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(Mark 1:4-8) John the Baptizer baptized inhabitants of Jerusalem in symbol of repentance for forgiveness of sins, in preparation for the coming of Messiah.(Matthew 3:1-6)(Luke 3:3)

(Acts 13:24)

The baptism of John was replaced by Jesus' command to baptize at (Matthew28:19)

Paul and other apostles later baptized disciples, enabling them to get the 'gifts of the spirit' which were available at that time to assist with the preaching work in other languages (Acts 19:1-6)(Acts 2:41)

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What are the differences between Jesus' baptism and modern baptisms?

Jesus was baptized in the River Jordan by submersion. Modern baptisms generally take place inside and Catholic baptisms take place over a stone font.

What was the river Jordan used for at the time of Jesus?

Well pretty much anything a river was used for but they did use it for baptisms. Jesus was baptized by John the Baptist in it.

Who baptised Adam?

Adam wasn't Baptized my the Time Jesus came to this earth the original Man Adam was dead and long gone .. Baptisms didn't start until Jesus came

What is the difference between the first baptism and baptism today?

The first baptisms of any significance were performed by John the Baptist, the forerunner of Jesus Christ. John performed full immersion baptisms. Todays baptisms by most churches are done by sprinkling or washing of the forehead.

Was LUCIFER created before Jesus?

Yes he was created a long time before Jesus and even before Adam

How many original baptisms are detailed in the Bible?

Only two that are detailed. Jesus and the Ethiopian eunuch.

What did Jesus trade?

Before his time spent as a preacher, Jesus was a carpenter.

Where did Jesus spend his time before his death?

Jesus spent his time praying in the garden of Gethsamene.

Who is older Jesus or Buddha?

Buddha's time was about 500 years before Jesus.

What was the time where Jesus was alive?

jesus was alive before year 1 because b.c. means before christ.

Did Buddha exist before Jesus Christ?

Gautama Buddha appears to have lived at around the time of the Babylonian exile, about 500 years before the time of Jesus.

What do crosses symbolize at baptisms?

they mean the same thing they do anywhere else in the church. its what jesus died on supposedly for our sins.

Was Jesus and Cleopatra alive at the same time?

Jesus and Cleopatra were not alive at the same time. Cleopatra died many years before Jesus was ever born.

Did Mary and Joseph have a last name?

in the time of Jesus, and even before Jesus, they did not have last names.

Were the Romans in Jesus' time Jewish?

Of course the Romans were not Jews. They were Latins from Rome. They were so before during and after Jesus' time. Judea was a tiny province of the vast Roman Empire the Romans created. It became a Roman province before Jesus' time.

How do you spell baptisms?

That is the correct spelling of the plural word "baptisms".

What was the time when Peter disowned Jesus?

It wasn't long before sunrise. He denied Jesus three times before the rooster crowed twice.

What part of the Bible tells us about the time before Jesus?

Before the Word became Jesus, the physical man, you are referring to the Old Testament.

Did jesus go into the desert before crucifixion?

Yes. Long time before the crucifixion.

What time period happened before the birth of Jesus nazareth?

BC or before Christ.

What church does baptisms for the dead with fabreze since they are all dead and stinky?

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (the "Mormon" church) performs baptisms for the dead. However, these baptisms are done by proxy - meaning a living person stands in for the deceased and is baptized in their behalf. There are no dead bodies involved, and therefore no febreeze or air fresheners of any kind.

Did Jesus perform the first miracle before or after he was baptized?

The first miracle was performed after Jesus' baptism.

What book of Judges depicts Jesus as the ultimate what?

The Book of Judges does not actually mention Jesus. It was written several centuries before the time of Jesus.

Did Jesus tell moses where to go?

No because Moses was born and died long time before Jesus was born.

How many years from BC to AD?

None. BC represents all of time before Jesus was born and AD represents the time after Jesus was born.