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I seem to remember that a few years ago, several prominent NFL quarterbacks were forced into retirement by reoccurring concussions or other head trama. Steve Young and Troy Aikman, two multiple time Super Bowl champions and future hall of famers spring readily to mind. The league, not wanting to see any more of its storybook heroes, brought down early employed a number of new regulations intended to protect quarterbacks. The one you see mentioned most on Sunday afternoons today is the baring of defensive players leading with their helmets. More specifically, a defensive player cannot hit a quarterback primarily with his helmet. By limiting the jarring head to head collisions that the quarterback has to endure over the course of the game, the NFL has thus attempted to keep potential legends on the field long enough to solidify their status.

The rule has been extended not only to quarterbacks as of 2011. Leading a tackle with your helmet is a serious penalty.

There is also another penalty called Roughing, which is hitting the quarterback long after he releases the ball, results in a 15-yard penalty.

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Q: Were there controversies in football about concussions?
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