Were to find all poketch apps?


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There are a lot in the Poketech Company in Jubilife City, a woman gives you a Poketech App in the Pal Park, and a woman gives an App to you in the Jubilife City Condos.

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there are 21 poketch apps

there are 25 apps for the poketch.

There are 16 poketch apps in the whole game.

you can find all of the poketch apps in jubilife city but you have to of completed all of the gyms before you can get them all. first you have go to jubilife city. 2 you have to go to the tv room.3 you have to talk to the guy next to the counter.

there is only 19 poketch apps

Your rival will give it to you sometime in the game.

speak whit everyone you meet and the poketch guy who gives you a new aplication for each badge.

There is no useable Poketch apps underground. If you mean the radar on the Underground PC, you need to steal a certain amount of flags.

in the land of orecavach(off of route 209)

Well, you could buy and action replay or you could try to find an online strategy guide.

To obtain the poketch go to jubilife city and speak to the president, you will have to find 3 clowns and answer the questions they ask you. To get new apps go to the poketch company (it has 4 red flags on it and is located left to the T'v station)

at the poketch company building in jubilife. He gives u new apps after u beat the gyms. Check back every once in awhile.

http://au.guides.ign.com/guides/707324/page_53.html I think there's over twenty of them.

The poketch apps are different things you can access on your poketch. Like, you can write a note to yourself, do a heads or tails coins toss, look at the time intalled on your ds,ect.). If you want to go through and use your apps, if you have diamond or pearl just simply touch the touch screen, or if you have platinum version just touch the buttons on the bottom screen to do the same thing. Poketch apps are actually very useful throughout your who journey, so talk to anyone you can, and comlete tasks because you'd be surprised where you'll find some, take it from me. Good luck on your long journey. =3

i dont think theres 20 apps

The three hidden Poketch apps, the Matchup Checker, the Stopwatch and the Alarm Clock were only available through Nintendo Events which passed long ago.

try a more brod qestion like how do you get all the poke apps.

in jublife poketch co.

there are 20 Poketch in diamond and pearl there are 23 if you action replay

Poke Tech 23,24,and 25 are all obtained through Nintendo Events. For a list of all the Apps go to: http://www.serebii.net/diamondpearl/poketch.shtml

You get one from Prof. R's assistant just before you go into to Mt. Coronet, get all 8 badges+ deafeat the Elite 4 then go back to Jubilife and talk to the poketch guy contiuously, there's a guy in Sunnyshore that gives out poketch apps if you bring him the type of pokepersonality he asks for. There might be more places but as far as I'm concerned those are all of them.

u touch the red button to scroll through apps

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