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Yes. Women are allowed in the Modern Olympic Games, both as participants, and as spectators. Women were banned from the Ancient Olympic Games held in Greece, (both as participating athletes and as spectators), but, women are certainly allowed in the Modern Olympic Games.


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No, there was only olympic games for men in ancient olympic history

the women first were aloud to compete in the Olympics in 1896

Women were not allowed to compete in ancient Olympic games.

In the ancient Olympic games women were not allowed to compete, but now they are.

women were not permitted to attend the ancient olympic games

when were women first allowed to watch the Olympic games

how are women represented on the council that makes decisions about Olympic games?"

Back in Acient Greece women were not allowed in the olympic games only men.

Women in early Greece were not allowed to take part in their olympic games.

becauseI'm not exactly sure but i know that the women weren't aloud in the Olympics neither were they aloud to watch the Olympics in the audience.the Olympics were considered a man sport back then like football but in Greek times

girls were allowed in the olympic games in Paris in 1900

Women were not allowed to attend the ancient Olympic games.....

no they were not allowed to take part in the olympic games until 1900

The men did not wear any clothes. Because of this, the married women were not aloud to come watch the Olympics If they did, they would be put to death. Single women could attend though.

Women were allowed in the ancient Olympic games only when the owned a horse who participated in the race . Otherwise they were not allowed.

all women and if they came to the Olympic games they might t get there heads cut off but if they are lucky they will go to jail

Women started competing in the Olympic Games in the Games of the II Olympiad, which took place in Paris 1900

no women werent aloud to vote

Women were not permitted to watch the Olympic Games in Ancient Greece

men competed in the first Olympic games women didn't have the rights.

no, women were not allowed to watch the greek olympic games.

Women weren't allowed to compete in the olympic games because Olympia was dedicated to Zeus. Women weren't citizens and only citizens could attend.

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