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nothing happens its just good for us. does not have any harm and even if we dont remove it everyday it will just come out all by itself in urine


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No guys who shed their sperm everyday are healthier as they have fresh sperm in them.

No. The body keeps making sperm, just as it keeps making blood cells.

It is not possible to remove sperm once it is inside you i think the best thing you can do is use protection

How did you manage to do that one?

Can be used to masturbate in...... separate sperm from a dick

Yes, and he will for the rest of his life.

Yes it is because your body can't forum it anymore if you keep doing this. But if you drink your sperm, then it will go back to your testicles.

Go to a clinic and have his sperm count taken? or just get it on everyday....see what happens...

Use cold water and a detergent or soap.

There are no disadvantages to it. Sperms are made new all the time and it's in fact recommended to "loose sperm" at aleast twice a month to prevent prostate cancer.

No, not necessarily. However, they don't ever stop producing it. If it is not released, it is reabsorbed by the body.

Leave them alone and put scarzone on them everyday.

If by "load" you mean ejaculate then Yes, it is fine, you can't run out or over use your penis.

Nothing. You can safely masturbate several times a day if you feel like it.

An electron has the least binding energy and is therefore the easiest to remove. This occurs in everyday table salt.

a doctor will remove them or it in a hospital but i am not a doctor and cant give you medical advise but it is an something done everyday. hope this helps

secrete male hormone (testosterone)produce sperm cells (millions produced everyday)

I don't think it does. I have a friend who smokes it all day, everyday with her boyfriend, she conceived with no problem.

Because they want sex everyday and they can help make babies for all you horny girls.

No, not the amount but the quality. That is why couples trying to get pregnant shouldn't do it everyday.

You can clean your car by yourself by cleaning out your garbage everyday. Keep a garbage bag in your car and throw the garbage in it as you get garbage. Then remove the bag everyday and throw it out and do the samething everyday.

No. Try washing your face and get a cream from the drug store.

No, sperm is re-made by the male body rather quickly and an average, healthy man with no medical reason, will never run out of sperm, nor does releasing sperm daily cause any health problems.

Yes. The prostate does not contain "the works" for making sperm, the testes (ball-like shapes on either side of the scrotum) do.

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