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A better way of selling your collection is to determine the value of your books by purchasing a copy of the 'Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide' which is regarded as the industry standard when pricing your comics , make an accurate description of the titles , issues and condition of your books , approach your fellow collectors or local comic shop to see if they are interested (Remember that a comic shop will want to buy the comics at a price in which they can 'turn around' the books to make a profit.) , you can list your books with Ebay or the trade magazine 'Comics Buyer's Guide' and selling the more valuable issues individually will bring more money ~ see the related links below .

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How much is the complete collection of beavis and butthead comic books worth in mint condition?

The best way to price your collection of 'Beavis and Butthead' comic books is to use the Overstreet Comic Book Price Guidewhich is the industry standard or see what they are selling for at a comic book shop (See related link below.) - remember that a comic shop will want to buy , if they have any requests , your collection at a lower price so they can make a profit when they sell .

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To properly price and grade your comic book(s) it's best to refer to the "Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide" in order to assess the value .

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