What are the new features of the iPhone 15?

Updated: 9/27/2023
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Aerospace-grade aluminum chassis with 90° edges ----- Aerospace-grade aluminum chassis with slightly curved edges

Glossy glass back ----- Frosted glass back

7.79mm thick ----- 7.81mm thick

Lightning port (480Mb/s) ----- USB-C port (480Mb/s)

12-megapixel camera ----- 48-megapixel camera

ƒ/1.5 wide camera ----- ƒ/1.7 wide camera

A15 Bionic chip ----- A16 Bionic chip

OLED display driver chip (40nm) ----- More power-efficient OLED display driver chip (28nm)

U1 chip (90nm) ----- Next-generation ultra-wideband chip (7nm)

Qualcomm X65 modem ----- Qualcomm X70 modem

Wi-Fi 6 connectivity ----- Wi-Fi 6E connectivity

Support for Qi wireless charging ----- Support for Qi2 wireless charging

Support for 7.5W wireless charging with third-party accessories ----- Support for 15W wireless charging with third-party accessories

Support for ~27W wired charging ----- Support for 35W wired charging

Available in midnight, starlight, blue, yellow, purple, and red ----- Available in midnight, starlight, blue, yellow, and coral pink/orange

Comes with white 1m USB-C to Lightning charging cable ----- Comes with color-matched 1.5m USB-C to USB-C braided charging cable

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Q: What are the new features of the iPhone 15?
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The Apple released the new iPhone 5 in 2012. According to many reviewing the device, not much as changed. The two biggest new and improved features are the processing speed and the updated camera. The iPhone sold for a high price, which many reviewers did not think was worth the features.

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What is the purpose of an iPhone 5?

iPhone 5 is the next version of iPhone 4S. Apple added many new features to iPhone 5, hence it is better that iPhone 4S.

What is the purpose of the iPhone 5?

iPhone 5 is the next version of iPhone 4S. Apple added many new features to iPhone 5, hence it is better that iPhone 4S.

What are the new features of the iPhone 5?

it has a 5 on the end instead of 4

What kind of features does the new iPhone by Apple have?

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Iphone 3.0 is a new fireware that comes with the new IPhone 3G S. It has a lot of new features like cut,copy & paste, landscape keyboard, voice memos and more. FOR MORE INFORMATIONS GO TO

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The iPhone OS 5 has many new and improved features for individuals to enjoy. The phone features improved private web browsing, an improved camera, and custom keyboard shortcuts. This iPhone also allows an individual to customize the vibrate settings. Some of these settings are a rapid vibrate and a heartbeat vibrate. Additionally, the phone has more applications.

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What are all the 200 plus new features in iOS 5?

nobody can list them all but when you update your iphone/itouch/ipad it should come up with a list of the 200 + new features.