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The only one I know of is Cape Cod Canal Railroad bridge. Its category is a lift bridge, I think.

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Q: What 2 bridges cross the Cape Cod Canal?
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How many bridges on the cape cod canal?

2 bridges cross Cape Cod Canal.

What is the landmark of cape cod?

Cape Cod is a very large area of land, made up of 16 towns, so there are many landmarks that you will come across. The first one that you would see on a trip to the Cape would be the Cape Cod Canal, which you would cross on one of two bridges. (Sagamore Bridge or Bourne Bridge)

Does the Cape have a man made canal?

Cape Cod canal is a man made canal and it is found in cape cod.

Where is cape cod canal located?

The cape cod canal divides Cape Cod from the rest of Massachusetts. It also divides the towns of Bourne and Sandwich.

Where does cape cod start?

Cape Cod actually starts on the east side of the Cape Cod Canal.

Who owns the Cape Cod Canal?

The Cape Cod Canal is owned and maintained by the Army Corps of Engineers

How do fish the cape cod canal?

Cape cod canal is a good place for striper bass and sharks

What separates Cape Cod from the rest of Massachusetts?

The Cape Cod Canal, which has the Bourne Bridge and Sagamore Bridge.

When was Cape Cod Canal Railroad Bridge created?

Cape Cod Canal Railroad Bridge was created in 1935.

What materials where used to make Cape Cod Canal Railroad Bridge?

The material that made the Cape Cod Canal Brige was steel.

How deep is the cape cod canal?

The Cape Cod canal is approximately 32 feet deep. But I am not quite sure so this is not 100% correct!

Is Cape Cod an island or a peninsula?

Cape Cod is a Peninsula that became an island after a canal was built Cape Cod isn't considered an island because the canal was man-made, it's still considered a Peninsula.