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Q: What 2 things does a formula tell you?
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How do you tell if a compound is saturated by looking its formula?

saturated compounds have the general formula CnH2n+2

What r 2 things a Venn diagram tell you about 2 things?

The similarities between the two.

What three things does a chemical formula tell you?

The type and the number of atoms of each element present.

In the chemical formula for magnesium chloride what is the number 2 called and what does it tell you?


What 2 things does the constitution tell?

The amandments and the Bill of Rights.

What does the formula tell you CaCl 2?

it is the symbol of compound called Calcium Cloride . This formula tells us that calcium cloride consists of 1 atom of calcium and 2 atoms of clorine

What does a compound's formula tell?

* * * *

How can you tell how many diagonals a polygon has without drawing the figure?

the formula is: # of sides x (# of sides - 3) / 2

What does tell the rule mean in math?

It means to tell what the formula is

How do you tell excell you are typing a formula?

Put an = sign in front of the formula.

Can you form a formula that will tell how many subsets a set with union elements can have?

To find how many proper subsets there are in a set you can use the formula n^2 -n and if you would also like to find all subsets including improper the formula is n^2 -n +1

How do you tell Rachel you like her if you think she likes you?

You could- 1.Keep giving her things secretly then tell her 2.Just tell her or 3.Get your friends to see if she likes you