What 3-D shape can you make using 2 trapeziums?

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What is the shape of a trapezium?

It's a quadrilateral (4 sides) and it has two sides that are parallel. If you draw a triangle and cut off one corner, you'll have two figures. One is a triangle, and the other

Is a trapezium a regular shape?

A trapezium is considered to be a regular shape. The trapezium isreferred to as a regular polygon which has all sides equal.

What is the shape trapezium?

type 'shape of a trapezium' in Google then you get the shape of trapezium , quadrilateral , rhombus , ect...

How can make a trapezium?

There are 2 types of trapeziums: One with two slanted sides, and one with 1 To make a two slanted sided trapezium you make a rectangle with sides a and b and put two triangles
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What shapes can you make out of a triangle and a trapezium?

Assuming they don't overlap, and depending on their exact dimensions, these are some of the possible shapes: A triangle (big) A square A rectangle A parallelogram A rhombus A
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What 2 shapes will make a 3-D ice cream?

A cone (cone) and a Semi circle (bottom scoop) - cuboid (flake) you'll have to find out what a 3d semi-circle is called though
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Is trapezium an irregular shape?

In the United States, yes its very definition is a general irregular quadrilateral. However, outside the U.S., its the same thing as a trapezoid and there are regular and ir
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What is the Trapezium shape?

A trapezium is a 4 sided quadrilateral shape with a pair of opposite parallel sides of different lengths.