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Q: What 3 changes did independence bring to America?
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Which king ruled during the war for independence for America?

king GEORGE the 3

Who helped south America gain independence?

Simon Bolivar z('3')/

When America got independence?

Independence was declared July 4th, 1776

How much is a pound in America?

It changes constantly. But stays from $0 to $3 ruffly.

When did Tupac Shakur bring out the single changes?

changes came out after pac's death and is a combination of 3 previous verse. "I wonder if heaven's got a ghetto", released during his lifetime, includes 2 of the verses from "Changes".

What role did James Madison play in helping America gain independence?

james madison plad the consitution role..<3

Is July 4 1776 when the colonist declare their independence?

The colonies declared independence from Great Britain on 4 July 1776. However, the United States was not officially recognized as an independent nation until after the conclusion of the American Revolutionary War on 3 September 1783.

Which group contains the names of 3 latin America freedom fighters of the independence era?

Toussaint L'Ouverture, Father Hidalgo and Jose de San Martin

What fraction of Parisian workers and small shopkeepers wanted the revolution to bring even greater changes?

1/3 of the Parisians wanted greater change for vaginas.

How it is related to data independence?

Hi, Data Independence refers to the immunity of user application to make changes in the definition and organization of Data. There are three types of Data Independence - 1. Logical Data Independence - The ability to change the logical (conceptual) schema without changing the External schema (User View) is called logical data independence. 2. Physical Data Independence - The ability to change the physical schema without changing the logical schema is called physical data independence. 3. View Data Independence - always independent,no effect.

Explain 3 political ideals in the declaration of independence?

Explain 3 political ideals in the decleration of independence?"

Which country got its independence in November 3 1903?

The country that obtained its independence in November 3 1903 is Panama.