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1) The "solubility" of the solid in question (not all WILL dissolve) - or the nature of the solid itself. 2)Presence (or lack of) mechanical agitation to assist the solid dissolve. 3)Temperature of the water (The warmer it is, usually the quicker the solid dissolves)

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You answered every single question i had for a quiz ._.

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When things dissolve - what is broken?

When ionic solids dissolve, the ionic bonds that make up the lattice are broken. When molecular solids dissolve in non-polar solvents the intermolecular attracations are broken.

What is water called because some solids dissolve in it?

Water is called a solvent, because of the many things that dissolve in it.

What are 3 things that do not dissolve in water?

Three solids are sand, metal, plastic.

What 3 things affect how quickly sugar will dissolve in water?

Higher water temp, more finely ground sugar, and stirring will all increase the rate of dissolution.

What solids do not dissolve in water?

There are very few solids which, given enough time, do not dissolve in water, including rocks. For this reason, water is often called "the universal solvent," although there are some things which will not dissolve in water. But there are many factors that affect solubility (the ability of a substance to dissolve) in water. For example, common table salt (a rock) dissolves easily in water -- until the water is saturated, at a given temperature and pressure. Afterwards, no more salt will dissolve. Plastic, if considered to be a solid, may be insoluble. Fats and oils will not dissolve in water.

What changes how quickly things dissolve?

um...heat and pressure...if yu're talking about gases..... more heat, less solubility more pressure, more solubility for solids, only heat more heat, more solubility see? :)

What 4 things affect how fast a substance dissolve?

temperature tubidity saturation pressure

How can you separate solids?

Err, well Solids are called Solids because there solid (unbreakable) unless you burn (melt) the solid but this can only work with some solids eg plastic, also sometimes you can snap solids eg Chocolate bar. But most Solids are not separatable. You could also use things like magnets which sort of attach things that are metal- only works if things are metal. ((SCF)) Solids can dissolve in solutions. For examples sugar dissolve in water. Now lets take a mixture of two solids for example sand and sugar. If you mix sand with water it doesn't dissolve. However the sugar will. If you put your sand/sugar mixture in water, the sand will still be in the solid form but the sugar will be in solution (dissolved in water). To get the sand you just need to filter the solution (a bit like when you cook pasta and get rid of the water by sieving it). You will get the solid sand in on your filter paper. You also can get the sugar back. After filtering, only sugar will be remianing in solution. By evaporating the water, solid crystals of sugar will appear. Et voila! That's how you can separate two solids. When two solids dissolve in the same solvents, that becomes more complicated. As the person who answered before me said, sometimes you can use magnets....

What are some examples of things that will affect the time it takes for a solid to dissolve in a solution?

The temperature of the solution, the particle size of the solute, and whether the solution is stirred will all affect the amount of time it takes for a substance to dissolve into solution.

What happens when solids are added to water?

Different things happen when solids are added to water some dissolve , some float , some sink , some fizz or bubble , some change colour. etc...

Does salt dissolve more quickly in hot water of cold water?

Hot water. Things dissolve faster when they are warmer because the heat weakens the bonds by forcing the electrons up a level.

What things can affect how quickly an object heats up when it it heated?

It can effect the air around it affect the object that is heated as well

Why does things dissolve in water?

the things dissolve in water because it is polar molecule.

Why do things dissolve in salt?

Any things dissolve in salt, salt is dissolved in water.

Why do things dissolve in water?

They dissolve by sinking in to the water.

What gives water the ability to dissolve things?

Polarity gives water the ability to dissolve things.

The term for liquid that can dissolve things?

A liquid that can dissolve things is a solvent. The thing being dissolved is a solute.

What are the release dates for Things Dissolve - 1957?

Things Dissolve - 1957 was released on: USA: 1957

What do solids have to do with atoms?

Solids are made of atoms. In fact, so are most things.

What are 3 things you can do to get sugar to dissolve quickly in a liquid solution?

You can stir and heat the solution; also add more solvent and work with a fine powdered sugar..

Do dyes dissolve?

Yes, at some point most things dissolve

What do bases dissolve?

Bases dissolve two things-FatsOils

What things dissolve in daily life?

Many things dissolve in daily life. For example, both salt and sugar will dissolve in water in daily life. Most powdered drinks and vitamins will also dissolve.

Does hot water makes things dissolve more slowly?

most things dissolve faster in hot water.

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