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Q: What 5 factors control the temperature of the atmosphere?
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What is the temperature during the day and the night at Jupiter?

Jupiter's temperature at night depends on a lot of factors. The latitude and the depth in the atmosphere are the most important. First, there is probably not much difference between daytime and nighttime temperature. The rotational period of Jupiter is about ten hours, so night is only 5 hours long. This does not allow much time for cooling and heating during a day cycle. Second and most important, the place in the atmosphere will play a part in the temperature. At the place where the atmosphere is at the same pressure as Earth's (1 atmosphere) the average temperature is about -110° C. Closer to the surface, the temperature would be higher. Farther out it would be lower. Due to the immense thickness of the atmosphere, I would say they is not much variation at the 1 atmosphere level between daytime and nighttime, so use the -110° C figure as a guide. S if you really want to know the answer dog, its -110.In Jupiter the temperature changes very often. In the day Jupiter is 250 degrees but at night it is 143 degrees.

How many levels of atmosphere are there?

Five (5)

What are 5 words that describe the atmosphere?


What fraction of the atmosphere's mass is below an aircraft flying at the 700 mb level?

The 700 mb level of the atmosphere is 10,000 feet in the air. This level is the second level used for measuring the atmosphere in the troposphere, so 1/5 of the atmosphere is located below it.

What is the surface temperature of Pegasus constellation?

5 degrees

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