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These words I am not to sure about: douleia







These ones 100% sure:



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The word which has all the vowels "AUTOMOBILE". There is A,E,I,O,U

Aiouea. (Something to do with plants.)

A word that uses all 5 vowels in order is "facetious".

I believe this to be a facetious question i have a belly button (:

Sequoia is a 7 letter word that contains all the vowels. It is a large evergreen tree.

There are lots but there are two with the vowels in alphabetical sequence. Facetious and abstemious

There are no common English words consisting of all vowels. Although A,E, I, O, and U are always vowels, Y and W can be used as vowels (e.g. Welsh). However, there are no instances where they are used as vowels along with only other vowels.Sequoia is a word using all of the vowels but not consisting of only vowels.

"EAU" is the only all-vowel three letter word.

All words in the English language must have vowels. Even one letter words like 'a' or 'I'.

That is a trick question. You can't make a four letter word using all five vowels.

Education ---- Check the related links for a good list.

I is a word in English with only vowels.

one word that not only has all the vowels, it is the only word with all the vowels in order. the word is: FACETIOUS.

Abstemious is a 10 letter word that contains 5 vowels in correct order. It means not moderate when eating and drinking.

There are four vowels in the word "restaurant". the vowels are e, a, and u. All vowels are a, e, i, o, and u.</P>

A plant species, Iouea, has all five vowels and no consonants or repeated vowels.

sky,fly,fry, do not have vowels

The nicest word that fits the bill is "inoculate" Other, more obscure words, include: Acuminose Azurobine Isobutane Okurinage Univocate Urokinase

it is not possible A E I O U (Y) -6 VOWELS * * * * -FOUR LETTERS MAYBE THE QUESTION IS

Uncopyrightable has them all.

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