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He wears Adidas F50 adizeros. I am pretty sure he wears the white ones

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Q: What Adidas boots does david villa wear?
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What boots does david villa wear?


Which goal machine wears F50s?

Leo Messi and David Villa wear Addidas F50 boots.

What boots does Bryan Habana wear?


What boots does ballack wear?

the Adidas predators.

What boots does Richie mccaw wear?

Adidas Flanker III Boots

What football boots does Derek Riordan wear?

he wears adidas boots, he has worn adidas predators, adi pures and f50s

What soccer boots does Ballack wear?

Adidas Predators

What soccer boots does xabi alonso wear?

I believe he wears adidas adiPURE boots

What boots do Van Der Sar wear?

Adidas Predetor X

What football boots does lampard wear?

Adidas adipure 11

What boots does Raul Albiol wear?

adidas predtaor lz

Which football boots does Vincent Kompany wear?

Vincent kompany wears adidas predator boots :)